Top 10 Reasons to Use a Property Manager

Apr 14, 2017

Advertising Your Rentals

A property manager in Grand Rapids at any time has many tenants looking to lease properties at a time. This means that a manager can follow fair housing guidelines and find the VERY best tenant for your property. If there are tenants that qualify, the property manager will find them.

Tenant Screening

A property manager has all the connections in the industry to make sure a tenant qualifies for a property. They live/breath property management and typically have the best screening policies. At Simple Home Management, we rarely evict tenants we place in rentals.

Rentals Rates!

A property manager lives and breathes property management. They have the experience to price your rental to give you the highest return on investment without risking longer vacancy rates. Many property managers use a 3rd party software to show you the rental rate.  Property

3AM Phone Calls

It’s 3AM and water is flooding the basement at your rental. Would you like to take that call or would you like to have your qualified property manager take the call? Property Managers happily take the calls 24/7 365 days a year and have the right contacts to solve the problem quickly.

Property Maintenance

With a property manager in Grand Rapids, they have the right people to take on any size job. The property manager checks for insurance, background, etc. of their vendor. They also have the knowledge from dealing with all sorts of issues. They make sure your property gets fixed or upgraded the proper way (not the cheap way).

Legal Problems

New laws are constantly passed and a property manager is up to date on the laws. There are always changes to tenant-landlord laws. An experienced property manager knows when they are changing.

The Property Manager Is The Bad Guy

One of the many jobs of the landlord is to enforce the lease. If the lease is not enforced, then your beautiful property can go downhill quickly. Enforcing the lease is not always easy, but an experienced property manager is knowledgeable with these issues. Don’t worry about that tenant that is doing something wrong, let the property manager deal with it!

Check is in the Mail!

Don’t worry about hearing that ever again. When a landlord allows rent to be late, the tenant becomes later and later each month. The manager will spend a tremendous amount of time and effort in chasing that rent down for their client.


Evictions are not fun- let the manager deal with it. They have the knowledge and processes to get a tenant out as quick as possible.

Invest in Better Markets

Having a manager allows you to invest in the best markets possible. According to Forbes, Grand Rapids is a GREAT place to invest. They ranked Grand Rapids MI as one of the highest in the nation for rental properties and for very good reason. There is job growth (3.1% between 2013-2016) and it keeps growing. Additionally there is steady job growth which makes for a great investment market. If you are thinking about investing in Grand Rapids or need management in Grand Rapids, MI then contact Simple Home Management and we can help! 616-329-6318.

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