Renters Insurance

Jun 12, 2017

Simple Home Management gets a lot of questions on renters insurance. We receive the questions from tenants and owners.


Simple Home Management, a Grand Rapids Property Management Company, requires tenants to have renters insurance. This is because is protects both parties. From the tenant perspective, if there is a loss it may or may not be covered by insurance. If there is a fire, the tenant’s items are not covered by the property insurance. The tenant needs to carry their own insurance to get coverage.

A more common example of coverage is if there is a sewer backup and sewage is everywhere in the basement. The tenant’s items get ruined and they want the landlord to pay. Most of the time the landlord does not have to pay for the loss, the tenant should have renters insurance.


When owners call us about Grand Rapids Property Management, one of their questions is typically about insurance. We require in our lease that the tenant gets renters insurance. This helps with liability claims from fire, wind, rain, sewer back up, etc.

As a Grand Rapids Property Management Company, we have tenants that ask us to replace items from time to time. We can easily point to our lease which states they need renters insurance to cover their items.


Let’s say you are renting a property and allow a pet. It is very important to require renters insurance. If they pet bites or injures someone there, then the tenant’s renters insurance could pick up any medical bills.

Simple Home Management is not a lawyer or an insurance company. If you have questions on insurance, you should direct them to your trusted insurance company. If you have questions about tenant liability, you should talk with your insurance company and lawyer.

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