When Should I Hire A Property Manager in Grand Rapids?

Jun 19, 2017

We receive calls from owners asking if they should sign up with a property manager in Grand Rapids. We have a small list of items that help determine whether you need a property manager or not.

Where Are You Located?

If you properties are located in Grand Rapids but you live in Florida, you may want to think about a property manager. Some cities even have rules about how close the landlord must live in relation to the location of the rental properties.

How Many Units do You Have?

Many people can manage 1-2 units on their own. If you have over 4-6 units, it can start to be a challenge to manage…especially if you have a full-time job.


Do you have a process set up for taking maintenance calls and emails day and night? Do you have specific maintenance people ready to help? An example of our list of vendor types are: plumbing, HVAC, painter, handyman, small animal control (mice, bugs, etc.), larger animal control (raccoons), roofer, sider, trash hauling crew, weekly trash pick up company. If not, you should think about hiring a property manager.

Too Busy

Are you so busy that you put off doing the important things related to your rental property business? Do you send 7 day notices to your tenants every month? Do you file in court if they don’t pay? Consistency is key in rental management.

Too Nice

Do you let your tenants pay late consistently? Do you allow them to “walk all over you”. It can be tough because you want to be a good to your tenants, but you do not want them to walk all over you. After all, it is a business and rentals should create wealth for you.


Laws regarding rental properties change ALL THE TIME. It is very important to stay up on those laws. Not know the laws is very serious because you could end up in court! For example, as a property manager in Grand Rapids, we know that the judges will now allow a $35 late fee in court. It used to only be $25, but thanks to the RPOA of Grand Rapids, they raised it. They also change fair housing laws all the time. If you don’t have time to keep up on the laws, you should strongly think about a property manager in Grand Rapids.

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