Property Management and Wildlife Removal

Jul 6, 2017

What do you do when you’re a property manager and you get the call that the tenant has a raccoon (or other small animal) in their property?

Every once in a while every rental owner or manager runs into this challenge. Of course it happens at 11pm at night and no one you call will go out there.

We find that 90% of the time the tenant made a work order at some other time and the animals were not eradicated fully. When you first get the call, you need to assess the situation and send a qualified individual over there. Sometimes animals can get into the smallest spaces, so having someone with the knowledge is important. This helps get rid of the animals so you don’t get the call late at night.

Once they are gone, you will want to seal up the space that they are getting into. A property manager in Grand Rapids will know the right people to call to make sure the situation doesn’t get worse.

So What If The Animal Gets Into The House?

You as the owner will have to decide what your customer service level is when this happens. Some owners will offer a hotel for the night. So will offer nothing. Our suggestion is first, make sure the tenant is safe and unharmed. Second, if the animal ran back into their “hole”, maybe the tenant can close a door so it can’t get into the house.

Once the facts are known, a property manager will typically ask the tenant if they have a different place to stay for the night. If they can stay at a friends house, then suggest they stay there. Sometimes asking the tenant what they want also will work. Sometimes they only want someone to come out the next day.

Whatever you decide, remember that these situations can cause a tenant to move. If you have to comp their rent for $50 it may be worth it. If you have a property manager, then you won’t even need to take a call!

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