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Are you a Real Estate Agent looking to move things to the next level with investors? You are going to love what we are about to share!

Simple Home Property Management LLC has over 6 years experience in handling a wide range of properties. Our major market is in the Grand Rapids area. Our business has been known for integrity, professionalism and a rich expertise. You may be wondering – WHAT MAKES THIS A GREAT OFFER FOR YOU?

This synergy is a long-term drive that would open a vista of possibilities for your business. When you refer properties to us for management, here are some of the things you stand to enjoy:

  • Strategic partnership that helps you get professional and top market info about various properties in the area
  • Speedy outlay and estimates that show you how much a property will rent for
  • Professional support and expertise that shows you the expenses that go with each rental
  • Mutually beneficial strategies that help you work with investors
  • Stronger brand presence as you get to professionally serve lots of people
  • You will enjoy a smooth sail as you quickly close many investment deals and so much more!

We are so excited at what the future holds and we cannot wait to have you come on-board this unique opportunity. Every Real Estate Agent who wants to take their game to the next level can be part of what we do.

Are you still wondering if this is the best fit for you? Then you need to read this:

  • Our referral fees that we pay realtors is lucrative
  • We are top players in the industry so we know how to deal with investment properties
  • You open your business to new channels that ultimately impact positively on your bottom-line
  • We will send the client back to you if they want to sell their property, we don’t steal listings!

This is one area that you can count on – this is going to bring a cutting-edge advantage when you work with investors.  We are the leading Property Management Company in Grand Rapids. Do contact us today for more details.

Referral Fees!

We pay $100 per unit for a referred management client- payable to the agent via their broker.


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