Subleasing Through Simple Home Management in Grand Rapids, MI


If you are a current tenant through Simple Home Management and are looking to sub lease through the end of your lease, the procedure is below.  Contact Simple Home Management to confirm that you can sublease your apartment.  Some leases do not allow for subleasing.  The security deposit stays with the property.  If you sublease, you will not receive a security deposit return from Simple Home Management.


  1. The tenant must fill out an application and pass our background and credit checks.
  2. Once approved, your property manager will add the $250 lease modification charge to your account.
  3. Once that is paid, email your property manager to let them know the lease modification charge has been paid.
  4. We will then send out a lease modification for ALL parties on the lease to sign.  NOTE: All parties will NOT be off the lease but all parties must agree to the terms.
  5. Once the lease modification is signed, we will take the tenant(s) off of the online portal and add the new tenant(s) onto the online portal.